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Whether you are a serious e-commerce business or a one-person operation, your website performance should be taken seriously. Wonderwave’s WooCommerce hosting can help you boost revenue, SEO and ROI by ensuring your site loads quickly and reliably.



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NOK 1 050,-


99,9% Uptime Guarantee

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NOK 1 680,-


99,9% Uptime Guarantee

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Boost your e-commerce growth with Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Over the past few years, speed has become an increasingly important factor in search rankings and conversion rates. No matter what content you’re creating, no matter what platform you’re working on, it’s crucial that your audience can experience your content as quickly as possible.

Wonderwave helps e-commerce businesses power faster websites and provide better user experiences, resulting in increased sales.

Speed-obsessed infrastructure

We use Google Cloud Platform’s premium tier network, the best C2 machines, and reduce latency further by hosting your site on a WooCommerce cloud server in a data center closest to your web traffic (we have 35 spanning 5 continents).

Embrace your growing WooCommerce site traffic

When your store’s traffic increases, your hosting plan should be able to handle the surge in load. If you choose a WooCommerce container-based host, you’ll experience smooth sailing when your site suddenly becomes more popular.

Staging environment included

Wonderwave provides a free staging environment for each WordPress install. This allows you to test our WooCommerce store with new WordPress versions and plugins, as well as code changes, before pushing them to the live site.

Server-level caching

You can focus on what matters—your business—knowing that our caching solution is engineered to scale. Our fast server-level caching includes rules to ensure proper WooCommerce functionality, with certain pages like cart, my-account, and checkout excluded from caching.

High-performance and
HTTP/3-enabled CDN

Wonderwave is powered by Cloudflare, which means your store’s content is delivered from Cloudflare servers located across 200+ cities around the globe, ensuring your visitors are closer to them.

Are you experiencing performance issues?

Our expert team will help you monitor performance of your WooCommerce store. It can help you identify the cause of payment gateway timing out, see how MySQL queries and AJAX calls are slowing down your online store, and find out which WooCommerce add-ons are slowing down your WordPress site.

Site security is
in ecommerce

Wonderwave is a Managed WoooCommerce Hosting provider that helps you keep your financial transactions, personal identifiable information, and your company’s reputation secure.

Cloudflare Enterprise-grade firewall and DDoS protection

Two firewalls and premium DDoS protection keep malicious traffic at bay, so you can sleep easy. Let our expert team manage every aspect of your WooCommerce store.

Automatic backups and 24/7/365 support
We implement automatic daily backups to ensure your ecommerce data is safe and secure. If a problem does arise, our expert support team is available 24/7/365.
Frequent uptime checks for peace of mind

We monitor your site every two minutes, a total of 720 times per day. If there is an issue with your site, our engineers will be alerted and troubleshoot immediately.

Migrating your site to Wonderwave will give you a 20% boost in speed

During a three-month period, Wonderwave measured 3,200+ migrations. On average, client sites saw 20% faster load times by switching to Wonderwave. See how fast your site can run and how slow the competition is:


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WooCommerce hosting eliminates all the technical headaches that come with setting up an online store. This allows you to focus on growing your business, which is exactly what WooCommerce intends to do by designing a platform for your ecommerce store.

To build an online store with WooCommerce, you’ll need one of our WordPress hosting plans. Hosting is the place where all your website’s files are stored. Every website and online store uses a hosting provider.

New WooCommerce stores may want to start with a fresh WooCommerce installation, or established and growing stores may want to scale up their ecommerce business by improving site speed and better protection.

Our team has always prioritized the performance of WordPress sites. Our clients choose us over our competitors because of this, and we’ve proven it time and again with our work. We work exclusively with Google Cloud Platform and keep a close eye on their newly released infrastructure. We stay on top of the latest developments there so that we can push the boundaries of our work.


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