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For all of your social media channels, get unique design ideas and creative collateral. Wonderwave provides on-brand creative to meet your demands, whether you need static or motion graphics for Instagram or YouTube. Boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and gain access to a top-notch team of designers who are committed to creating the greatest social media collateral.



Boost your digital product’s growth with powerful social media design

In the constantly evolving social media world, the demand for engaging postings and new content has never been higher. Marketing and design teams want assistance to develop on-brand social media material with the proper specifications that make an impression on your customers. Using a dedicated team of creative specialists that are familiar with your brand and business to produce eye-catching graphics, Wonderwave’s collaborative platform makes it simple to create and handle social media design requests.

Social Media Post Design

For social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more, fresh social postings with variations catered to your needs are now available.

Social Media Collateral

Developed and customized to the requirements of your target audience, social media messages and images might be animated or static.

Social Media Concept Design

Creation of concepts and creativity across all social media channels for campaigns.

Animated Social Media Graphics

Animations for on-brand social media content that may be used in stories, reels, carousel posts, and more.


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The term “social media design” refers to pictures and graphics that have been specially made by a designer depending on the context of the social post. Usually a static image, although it can also be animated (like films or gifs).

Social media images and visuals reflect your brand to the rest of the world, so be conscious of how you portray yourself. When creating graphics for social media, keep in mind the channel’s needed dimensions for the optimum viewing experience, the brand’s color scheme, the posting’s context, and the brand’s style.

Visual communications like graphics help people become more aware of your business, which promotes social interaction and grows your following. Social media postings that are visually appealing get greater interaction. The purpose of using social media is to engage with your audience with high-quality visuals so they will click your call to action.

Compared to a static visual, motion design has a much greater tendency to capture your audience’s attention. Due to the abundance of material on social media, our audience is frequently diverted from social advertisements or organic postings. By using these eye-catching components in your social media posts, motion graphics may help you increase your social media engagement and connect with more of your target audience. To put an end to aimless thumb scrolling, use motion graphics.

When their internal social media resources are exhausted, when they need a boost of new ideas, or when they want to create social content at scale, scale-ups and enterprises turn to Wonderwave’s social media design services. Since social media is a fast-moving world, it is essential to maintain a consistent flow of social creative design to keep your brand alive and your target audience interested and expanding.

Your social media platforms can stay on-brand, constantly interesting, and engaging with the support of our worldwide, committed staff of the top 1% of designers. Our creative collaboration tool, which makes briefing, evaluating, and downloading social material a breeze with the high-quality social media designs you demand, manages the entire process for you. Unlike freelancer free-for-alls, we are always here for you. We are also less expensive than pricey design companies.


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