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Create memorable internal PowerPoint presentations, effective pitch decks that focus on conversions, or on-brand sales decks using innovative and on-brand presentations. Wonderwave builds repeatable templates for presentations or builds high-quality decks from scratch that are used by startups and scale-ups alike.



Create stunning investor pitch decks for your on-boarding presentations to advance your digital products

With the help of a talented design team, it is simple to create presentations that are exquisitely created and grab the attention of your audience or sell a business proposal. With a dedicated creative staff and a team-based design platform, Wonderwave makes it simple for marketing, sales, and business departments to request and manage presentation designs. We produce presentation decks, templates, and designs of the greatest caliber for you, whether you’re trying to convince venture capitalists, show off your concepts, or generate excitement internally.

Presentation Template Design

Custom presentation templates can be created or can include pre-existing designs in the format you want.

PowerPoint Design

Presentations with a high level of customization made exclusively for PowerPoint utilizing new or preexisting designs and templates.

Business Presentation Design

Any type of on-brand business presentation, available in a range of formats, with new or existing design features.

Pitch Deck Design

Custom-designed pitch decks with static or moving graphics that are consistent with the company’s identity and create a high-quality presentation that is fascinating for potential investors.

Slide Deck Design

To match your objectives and goals, we may create decks using custom PowerPoint designs, Google Slides, or other formats.

Sales Deck Design

To help close the transaction, create fresh sales decks from scratch or follow your style manual.


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Presentation Design

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Presentation Design

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Presentation Design

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Presentation design is the synthesis of a variety of concepts, narratives, words, and visuals into a series of slides that are ordered to convey a message and influence an audience. By producing appealing layouts, infographics, photos, and designs that are pertinent to your brand and messaging, the design enhances the overall appearance of PowerPoint slides and presentations. Designing a PowerPoint presentation with the intention of selling a good or service or narrating the history of your business is its ultimate objective.

A presentation designer is in charge of all the artistic components and resources. Customers and presentation designers collaborate together to understand the presentation’s messaging and determine how many slides will be necessary to convey it. In addition, a presentation designer is in charge of selecting every design element, including the overall look and feel, fonts, icons, photos, and infographics, and making sure that every one of them is branded appropriately.

To keep the audience’s interest, great presentations need to have a visually appealing layout. Less words are used in the greatest presentations, which also keep viewers seated as they listen to your tale by using pictures to condense ideas. Clear, succinct, and helpful to your audience are all qualities of an excellent presentation.

Wonderwave provides PowerPoint presentation graphics, pitch decks, slide decks, and sales presentations in addition to presentation templates and PowerPoint-specific designs. To better meet your company’s demands, we take great delight in delivering unique designs.

Our services are available to mid-market to large organizations, but we also cater to scale-ups and businesses of all sizes. We can expand our design services to meet your company’s demands. To mention a few, some of the businesses we collaborate with are Facebook, Shopify, and Amazon. Why not schedule a call to see whether Wonderwave supplies what you demand?

Due to our extensive global talent pool of top-tier designers, we can complete projects 10 times quicker than you can by recruiting your own designers. Providing the highest caliber presentation designs to our clients is how Wonderwave got its start and expanded. With your very own specialized design team available 24/7 and with blazingly quick turnarounds, we provide built-for-you design subscriptions. Delete your memory of backlogs, bottlenecks, and overworked creative departments. A collaborative platform and our project managers and design directors integrated into your team make it simple to brief and manage your presentation design services.


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