Motion Design

To improve your website, digital campaigns, presentations, and other design assets, get bespoke motion graphics created. Connect a full design team to your marketing and creative teams to start raising the bar on your initiatives with cutting-edge motion design.



Create a distinctive and effective brand with eye-catching visuals, animated advertisements, and logos

Online animation or motion graphic content is becoming increasingly popular as a means of better audience engagement. Motion design greatly enhances ad performance, landing page conversions, and email CTAs. With access to a fully stacked design team with specialized knowledge in motion graphics and animation, Wonderwave makes it simple to get animation or motion graphics designed.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and animated creative are produced for a variety of reasons, such as blog posts, marketing collateral, or advertising campaigns.

Animated Videos

All animated videos created for promotional or educational reasons have your brand and audience in mind.

Animated Explainer Videos

To describe your product, service, or brand messaging, get specially designed films, audio, and messaging.

Animated Presentations

Animation and motion effects in original presentations bring slides to life and increase audience engagement.

Motion Ads

Animation in digital advertising can increase click-through rates and aid in the sale of a good or service. It can also draw in new clients.

Animated Logos

An animated or moving logo that was specially created for you might tell a story or convey a message to your target audience.


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Motion design is a field that uses animation and special effects to bring graphic design concepts to film and video production. Motion graphics are how we utilize it to connect with the audience more effectively and give the narrative and message more dimension. We produce a flawless union of full-range motion design by expertly fusing motion, visual design, and sound.

There are several different types of motion design; some use only animation, while others use video. In order to supplement and improve viewers’ understanding of the information, the latter may also add animation overlays, such as data visualizations, icons, pictures, and explanatory text. While emotive motion graphics strive to elicit a certain emotional reaction from viewers, explainer motion graphics aim to teach about a topic, product, or process. On the other side, promotional motion graphics are utilized to increase awareness of a service, product, or project.

Motion design promotes marketing and storytelling initiatives and increases engagement. Because it is attention-grabbing, people are naturally drawn to it. Motion design may dramatically improve the success of commercials in this format when combined with excellent language, storytelling, and images. While video significantly lengthens the amount of time spent on a website (96% of consumers find videos helpful while purchasing), motion content also obtains technological improvements in algorithms for social media feeds and search engines. In comparison to static advertisements, motion ads received an average of 1.5 times as many hits on Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, and marketing campaigns even witnessed a 49% quicker gain in income. Compared to static email designs, emails containing videos have a 200–300% greater click-through rate.

Creating an animated tale usually involves employing both storytelling and cinematic effects. While the focus of motion design is mainly on moving text, objects, or other things.

Your brand’s digital and social engagement is significantly boosted by motion design. It simply puts you above the competition while also having a demonstrated track record of enhancing your digital ad success.

Motion graphic design would work astonishingly well as part of any company’s branding that aims to distinguish itself from its competitors. You will gain from using this improved functionality in your brand designs, advertising initiatives, and website content if you’re a marketing, sales or product leader, or simply that creative thinker.

Wonderwave provides the most talented designers because we believe every brand deserves them. The best 1% of designers on our global team are always available to you through our platform for creative collaboration and your own personal creative team. Due to our availability to you around-the-clock, we provide a shorter turnaround time than any other motion design studio.


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