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A successful company needs compelling email content and stunning, distinctive designs to grab readers’ attention in the age of crowded inboxes and rapid unsubscriptions. With an engaging tone of voice that fosters community and inclusivity for your audience and internal communications, Wonderwave makes it simple to produce customized email and newsletter templates that “just feel right.” With stunning visuals and attention-grabbing animations, your always-on dedicated design team and our newsletter and email design professionals will help you grab your audience’s attention right away.

Email Design Templates

Email templates that are unique, consistent with your brand, and compelling for internal communications or corporate use.

Email Graphics

Specifically created static or animated images that draw the reader in.

Email Newsletter Design

Stunningly created newsletters for your company, customized to your needs and brand guidelines.

Email Signature Design

Email signature and template designs that are eye-catching and professional to end emails in the ideal brand voice.


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Email marketing campaigns are a tried-and-true marketing strategy. As differentiating yourself from others is vital in these businesses, images, graphics, and a meaningful layout may help your brand stand out and boost consumer perception and trust. A designer generates email graphic design based on the style, content, and existing format of your brand. A well-designed email with a compelling call-to-action boosts open and conversion rates.

Emails should be informational, flow effectively as a user scrolls, and have at least one call-to-action. The usage of appealing and alluring graphics in an email template or newsletter is critical to keeping people interested and taking action.

A good email design should be visually appealing and catch the reader’s attention right away. It accurately portrays your brand and encourages the reader to take action, such as reading a blog or filling out a survey. Testing is also an important part of creating a great email design, so constantly test different areas of your email design for ways to improve.

When internal creative resources are exhausted, any team at a scale-up or organization can leverage Wonderwave’s design services. Wonderwave is used by marketing, brand, and business teams of all sizes to expand their capacity and allow in-house designers to move away from everyday execution such as email design to concentrate on larger strategic projects.

The production of brand-consistent email designs isn’t supported by other design firms, and those that do tend to produce work that appears hurried or even off-brand. By providing teams with constant access to a flexible creative staff that is familiar with and knowledgeable about your brand, Wonderwave addresses these difficulties. A collaborative tool that makes it simple to brief, monitor, and provide input on email design, together with creative design directors and project managers, fully handle the process for you.


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