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Create eBook covers for publication that immediately pique the interest of your readership. With the top 1% of global designers and an intuitive collaboration platform, you can boost the quality of your eBook designs and digital learning materials.



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Wonderwave is aware of the importance of a visually appealing design for manuals and eBooks, especially if your company is new to producing these types of materials. With the help of your committed design team, you can create engaging manuals, eBooks, and learning materials for your company that will keep readers’ interest and makes reading delightful from beginning to end.

eBook Design

In addition to showcasing your brand and providing readers with interesting material, original eBook designs also include all creative components and the book’s composition.

Guide Design

Original digital learning resources and guides created by new or current content.


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An ebook is a digital book publishing that consists of text, images, or both that can be viewed on a computer’s or other electronic device’s flat-panel display. It is generally designed for consumers to download as a PDF. With eBook design, you receive a fascinating content arrangement, attention-grabbing visuals, and narrative photos that are all matched to our brand’s typefaces, colors, and identity throughout. An eBook should ideally be constructed to convey a story and flow from one section to the next, leading to your audience’s next steps.

Our services are used by a diverse range of consumers. Our eBook design services are used by marketing and creative teams to assist their creative needs for customer feedback or to exhibit their ideas. Wonderwave assists you in creating an on-brand layout that is pleasing to the eye and conveys your message.

Wonderwave ensures that your audience enjoys a pleasant reading experience without losing sight of your material. Our specialized eBook team consists of the top 1% worldwide creative professionals that will custom-build your eBook to convey a clear and appealing tale using visual tools such as graphics, photographs, colors, and fonts that will ensure a natural flow and maintain your audience’s attention. Our design services feature a collaborative platform that is available to you 24/7 and has lightning-fast response times.


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